WAR MACHINE #12-14 (1995)

War Machine fights a group of armored people. One of them is named Locomotive Breath, which is cool.

It seems like this series keeps creating new villains to pit against Rhodey, but they never last more than a few issues so he’s not getting his own rogues gallery. When you stack that on top of the fact that Rhodes is basically alone in this book–the supporting cast is either boring or nonexistent–It makes it hard to feel invested in the book.

Nick Fury shows up at the end and we’re told that next issue a “flipbook” serialized story, “Brothers in Arms,” will start appearing at the back of Force Works, War Machine, and Iron Man.

On the letters page, editor Nelson Yomtov talks about the “new Force Works icon” like we should be happy about the fact that there’s an Iron Man “family” of titles now that, largely, suck. Or maybe we’re supposed to be happy that there’s no corner box anymore. But I think the loss of the little picture of the main characters represents the continuing slide of Marvel from being something fun to something way, way, waaaaaaay too serious.

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