QUICKSILVER #8-9 (1998)

“Savage land stampede.”

Quicksilver and the Knights of Wundagore go to the Savage Land and find out that High Evolutionary has mutated into an apeman.

He has to keep taking “isotope E” to reverse it. We get a long history of both High Ev and Man-Beast/counter Earth, which we all knew, but the new information here is that it is his addiction to Isotope E that left Mount Wundagore vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Exodus and his crew have taken over Mount Wundagore. The connection?

Mutants have been infected and they also need Isotope E.

And so Exodus has teamed up with Omega Red and they storm the Savage Land.

Free for all.

Quicksilver ends up getting possession of it, and he and the Knights of Wundagore flee. So does Exodus and the Acolytes, leaving a loosely knit group of Evil Mutants behind and swearing revenge.

This is all handled reasonably well–even though there is a future Quicksilver involved, named Nestor, who I’m not tagging. He appears again in this series but won’t appear anywhere else.

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