FANTASTIC FOUR #214: Epilogue to the Big Space Epic (1980)


The F4 are still old due to the aging ray from the last epic arc.

Torch has to save them while also fending off Super Skrull.

Did I mention how much I love John Byrne?

This issue isn’t Marv Wolfman’s last one, but we’re getting closer.  The story ends like it’s his last issue, though, with the team united and doing one of those silly “look at the reader and throw up your fists and say, ‘I’m Back!'” panels.

Wolfman’s run gets better and better as it draws to a close.

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  1. Looking at the team lately, I believe they could use another dose of the ol’ age-rejuvenator beam! That would solve some problems! Johnny and Franklin would be the same age!


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