Iron Man #179-181 (1984)


Secret Wars was cool.  The month before issue #1 came out, every single Marvel comic ended this way.

Then, the following month, all the heroes came back.  Some of them, very, very different.  Oh, except Thing.  He didn’t come back.

Over the next twelve months, we learned what happened.

Marvel really knew how to roll out an event back then.

In these issues, Rhodey meets some Eternals and gets to take on a bona fide super-villain!  Former Master of Evil and Avengers foe Radioactive Man, who is employed by Iron Man’s biggest enemy, Mandarin!

And in the course of his meeting and challenging Mandarin, he takes off his helmet and Mandarin sees that it’s not Tony Stark (he knows the big secret).

There’s also this cliffhanger…

…Of course he doesn’t slit his own throat.

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