WOLVERINE #129-130 (1998)

This is a story about Wolverine trying to figure out what he’s really about.  The problem with Wolverine stories is that he’s the most interesting when he’s the least complex, i.e., “the best he is at what he does and what he does isn’t very nice.”  All the other Wolverine stuff—his tortured Weapon X past, his mommy issues, etc.—has never been all that necessary.  I guess I agree with Chris Claremont’s vision of the character, which was that the less was explained about his origin, the better.

In these issues, Logan returns (again) to the old Weapon X base in Canada (someone really needs to just tear that thing down and build a shopping mall) and saves a little boy from a Wendigo…

…by dousing its face in kerosene and then hitting it with a flaming axe.

OK. That’s pretty badass.

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