CAPTAIN AMERICA #422 (1994): 1st Blistik

The cover tag lines are terrible.  They call the villain “one of the biggest nut jobs Cap has ever faced.”  Cap has faced Nazis with red skull heads (and flaming heads, too), Madcap, Everyman, etc. etc.  Blistik may be the worst-named villain Cap has faced, but he’s far from the biggest nut job.

He is pretty dumb though.

But he does stop Fabian Stankowicz from killing himself, and I like Fabian, so maybe Blistik isn’t all bad.


Yes he is. He is all bad.

Couple that with the same secret I.D. questions Cap has been wresting for the past 100 Mark Gruenwald issues…

And the ridiculously overmuscled afrt…

…And you’ve got another bad comic.

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