Generation X #55-56 (1999): Adrienne Frost becomes White Queen

Jubilee wakes up at the beginning of issue #55 to find herself in a Freaky Friday moment…

She, and other members of the Generation X team, have been sent back in time into the bodies of the original Hellions team—on the day they all are killed by Sentinels led by Trevor Fitzroy.

This is a fabulous idea.  Emma Frost is the former headmistress of Generation X’s school, and she has become almost like a mother to the team—but back during the days of the Hellions, she was a villain in opposition to the X-Men who “taught” her Hellions with cruelty and humiliation. 

Having the kids see her in that light is brilliant.

The X-Men attack the school, as happened in Uncanny X-Men #281, but when “Tarot” gets wounded in the battle, we see Monet—in the present—feeling the injury.

The resolution is that this is a telepathic training exercise engineered by Adrienne Frost—not a time travel story.  That makes me happy because there’s way, way too much time travel in the X-books.  It’s also a great way to show how Adrienne’s teaching methodology is harsher and more intense than that of her sister, Emma.

In fact, the story ends with her taking on the new role of White Queen.  She then leaves, presumably to join up with the Hellfire Club (which is being rebooted by Selene).


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