Web of Spider-Man #24 (1987)

Spidey fights Vulture in Atlantic City, while accompanying Aunt May on a seniors gambling trip.

By the end, Hobgoblin gets involved because The Rose hired him–he’s protecting the AC casinos and doesn’t appreciate Vulture’s presence.

Pete dresses for the occasion in a disco suit, and thinks he’ll stop being Spider-Man soon because it’s cramping his Peter Parker style.  Perhaps it’s a prelude to this:

During the course of things, he’s climbing a tall building in his John Travolta costume and someone reaches out the window and grabs his ankle—and once again his Spider-Sense fails to warn him.

Looks like another Venom sighting! No way to know if it’s Eddie Brock under the symbiote, though. I’m assuming it is. These initial contacts—throwing him in front of a train or grabbing an ankle—are pretty low-key and lame for a villain as strong as Venom, but I’m assuming the symbiote is just messing around for a while and having some evil fun, or that Brock/Venom haven’t figured out how to work together yet.

David Michelinie continues to plot Len Kaminski scripts.

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