X-MEN #20-21 (1966): Professor X origin

Oh my God! Looks what happened:

Beast got fat and the X-Men are smoking!

In what has become a major Marvel trope, bad guys (Blob and Unus) rob a bank disguised as X-Men. 

The mastermind behind the plot: Lucifer.  He’s picking a fight with the young mutants, apparently in order to force them to listen to his long-winded and bizarre origin story involving an alien computer, and to rub it in that he crippled Charles Xavier.

Lucifer gets the kids in a deathtrap.

But of course they escape. And Jean beats Lucifer with his own cape.

An artist other than Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko gets a plotting credit (congratulations Werner Roth!), and the script is by both Stan and Roy.

It’s not good.

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