EXCALIBUR #91-92 (1995)

Overall, this is very dismal couple of issues–even though #91 has a “merry” cover.

The gang go hang out at a bar.

While there, Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom come “out” about their dating and we see them all protective about her–like she’s still a little girl.

But of course, she’s not. She’s a proven force and a grown woman. The team’s machismo is stupid and sexist.

Later, Colossus gets jealous, and breaks Wisdom’s face.

They fight.

And other Excalibur members arrive.

The Excalibur team puts him in a cage–I guess they have their own jail now.

Then Nightcrawler Kitty take turns lecturing him about what a dick he is.

Who is this Colossus? His character has become progressively “darker” and less interesting, to where he’s just a caricature of a big dumb lummox.

In the end, though, Nightcrawler offers him a shot at redemption. He doesn’t join Excalibur, but I’m hoping his future appearances are more true to the good-natured and kind Soviet boy we used to know.

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