X-FACTOR #28 (1988): 1st Infectia

It’s neat that the Fall of the Mutants event caused so much destruction in New York City, and here we are two issues later still dealing with the aftermath.  Usually big battles like this come and go and don’t hear much about the effects.  (Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Marvel series Damage Control will be coming out this year, too, and it’s about a crew that cleans up after things like this.)

Cyclops is leaving to find Madeline and the rest of the team is trying to clear Apocalypse’s ship, which crash landed in New York.  While the younger X-Factor folks are on board, the ship suddenly springs to life.

I love that sequence.  Walt Simonson is a master.

It turns out, it’s sentient, and it is trying to shake off Apocalypse’s influence.

In the end, the team rescues the ship and takes it in as another member of their ragtag crew.

After averting the disaster, Jean and Scott have some words and seem to maybe be mending fences and forming a new relationship.

Angel–still in his Archangel form–gets a brief scene where he tries to reunite with his old girlfriend Candy Southern, but she’s nowhere to be found.

And Caliban is about to experience a transformation…

In the final panels, we see a woman in a bar conspiring to steal X-Factor’s sentient ship.

She will become Infectia next issue.

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