Uncanny X-Men #224 (1987): Fall of the Mutants

Let’s talk DC crossover:


But seriously folks, about half of this issue is devoted to Storm’s search for The Adversary and Forge, which is a prelude to Fall of the Mutants, and the story takes some bold steps forward.

Storm finally locates Forge.

He’s hiding on a mountaintop.

And protected by demons.

Only he’s actually imprisoned by them. But thanks to The Adversary’s trickery, Storm thinks they’re working FOR Forge.

So, she stabs Forge.


She is then overcome by demons sent by The Adversary, and the stage is set for the next big storyline: Fall of the Mutants.

Naze is revealed as the big bad at last.

Also setting up that storyline, we learn that Congress has passed a Mutant Registration Act, and Mystique’s Freedom Force will be enforcing it.

She visits Rogue, while she is working out…

You have to admire Chris Claremont’s ability to write villains with depth and heart. 

The Registration Act is amping up public hostility to mutants. And frankly Havok’s response isn’t likely to calm people down…

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