EXCALIBUR #74-75 (1994): 1st Daytripper, Brittanic; Rachel Summers leaves 616

These are clearly very important issues, but I think I’m just tuned out of this book.

Apparently, Captain Britain can no longer exist in our time stream without causing the death of his Rachel Summers. This problem gets resolved in #75, with the help of Amanda Sefton who is now going by the name…

…Daytripper. Ugh.

Britain returns, banishing Rachel to the future where she was a hellhound for Ahab.

They swirl a lot.

And upon his return, Captain Britain changes his name…

Lots of name changes this issue.

Meanwhile, Mister Sinister–who graces the cover of the issue–has gotten some of Rachel’s DNA by scraping Siena Blaze’s fingernails (after Blaze scratched Phoenix).

This portends more timestream travel, I’m sure. Sigh.

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