Avengers #370-371 (1994): 1st Blackwulf

Marvel has never really figured out how to make The Eternals good.  Even the movie sucked.

This story, a fill-in, focuses on a group of Deviants who formed a city called Lemuria.  They trick The Avengers into coming to their land, and capture them.  That’s Ghaur, above, who you will recognize if you’re someone who has closely followed The Eternals.  He was a regular for for them.

Sersi escapes, finds some Deviant revolutionaries that form the Deviant Delta Force, who then free The Avengers.

One of them does this:

Another is named Toro Rojo (Red Bull), who does some ramming.

gay red bull

But is surprised by a strange sensation.


Also, the Young Gods are involved.

So that’s the kind of story this is: Big and silly.  Lots of stuff about Gods and the uni-mind, but no real changes to anything–it ends with Ghuar still the ruler of Lemuria. 

I’m assuming the whole reason for this story is to introduce Blackwulf, who doesn’t actually participate–but does appear briefly on a monitor.

He’ll be getting his own series soon.  A few of that series’ supporting characters appear as well, but I’m not tagging them because they don’t matter and because, collectively, they’re covered by the “Deviants” tag.

Nothing really bad here, but it’s pretty out there.

Glenn Herdling wrote this, with art by waaaaaaaaay too many people.  It’s broken down by layouts, breakdowns, finishes, etc., and credited to Geof Isherwood, Michael Gustovich,  Al Milgrom, Kevin Yates, and Tom Palmer.  It’s never good when so many artists are required to get a book out on time.

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