Sub-Mariner #50-56(1972): 1st Namorita

Sunfire is the perfect enemy for Namor, so that makes this story better than your average Sub-Mariner tale.  But that’s probably damning with faint praise, since this book is objectively bad.

Only Namor seems to be able to figure out that water and fire negate each other. 

At least not at first.

Sunfire is part of a Japanese plot that will damage the seas. Namor comes in and they fight.  Then they reach mutual agreement.  Then they team up and beat up the guy who recruited Sunfire in the first place.

Namorita is in these issues, too.  She’s largely just a joke–a “dumb little girl” joke.  Somehow, when you’re in a book with an obviously over-macho Namor, it doesn’t seem sexist. He finds her “drowning” and tries to give her mouth-to-mouth, but she…Misunderstands.

But then later she crushes on him.

Namor also punches a giant frog.

Issue #56 is a fill-in issue.

These issues don’t all tie together neatly, but there’s not enough “meat” in them for separate entries. In fact, #53 has a reprinted story so there’s less than half a comic of original material.

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