AVENGERS #8-9/423-424 (1998): 1st Triathalon and Silverclaw

Jarvis has been sponsoring a little girl from South America, but when he goes to pick her up at the airport for a visit, he is attacked by Silverclaw…

…who is backed by a bunch of soldiers led by Moses Magnum.

Silverclaw can change into various animals found in the South American jungle.

The team shows up to defend him, and they meet another new character. A speedster named Triathalon. He’s an Olympic athlete who got given super abilities by Magnum.

The team tracks Magnum to his hideout, where he gets swallowed up by the Earth after claiming to be on the run from Apocalypse, who he says has now found him.


avengers 423 marvel now

The first appearance of Marvel Now! (Joking–Marvel Now was a relaunch in the 2010s.)

Scarlet Witch starts getting visited by the ghost of Wonder Man, while Vision is invisibly haunting her as well.

And Clint quits the team.

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