UNCANNY X-MEN #178 (1984)

First, a training session.  Really, Romita’s art could have carried this sequence, but Chris Claremont really liked to write.  A lot.

Then it’s time for a Brotherhood battle. 

Amanda Sefton’s magic powers are progressing.  And there’s this:


One of my all-time favorite John Romita panels.  Also, an example of unnecessary dialog–comics in the 1980s were riddled through with it.   I mean, is it really necessary for Kurt to say “Blob!”?  But at least he doesn’t call him “fat Blob.”

Wolverine gets the best of Blob.

Wolverine finishes the Blob fight with a death threat.

But Blob gets the last laugh.

Then there’s this one:

Great issue for Nightcrawler beating up evil mutants.  And Rogue starts to learn about her connection to Mystique.

I like that Mystique has compassion, even though Rogue has thrown in with the enemy.

Kitty is seriously injured and unconscious. Masque messes with her, but her appearance is fine at the end of this issue–even if she is still knocked out, lying on a New York street, which sets up the next story.

…Where we learn she is rescued by Caliban, who wants to marry her.

As for Cyclops, he’s honeymooning.

Who took that picture of Scott and Madelyne in bed?

Nightcrawler is also getting some romance, and he’s wearing my favorite kind of disguise…A trenchcoat!

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