This is a sequel to the (far superior) Deadly Foes of Spider-Man, which explored relationships between some of his rogue’s gallery as they teamed up to do crimes. And like most sequels, this one is much “bigger” but not as good.

The story is also more convoluted. While Doctor Octopus is imprisoned in the Vault, the government destroys his arms (and it’s about time!). Doc, through his psychic connection, can feel them “die.” The Answer (a vaguely defined character we haven’t seen in a long time), visits Ock in prison and makes a deal with him: He’ll bust him out and give him what he needs to build his arms if Otto will steal a piece of tech that will enable Answer to form a new body. (He died a long time ago and I had no idea he could just float around after that.). Apparently, he was created by Hydra and Wilson Fisk. Go figure.

The (deceased) Ringer’s wife Leila Davis (who now has armor and is called Hardshell) also wants that tech–because she’s been hired by AIM. She reforms the Deadly Foes gang (without Beetle, who she holds responsible for Ringer’s death).

And there you have it–competing factions for the same machine. Spider-Man has to foil them both.

Tons of villains appear, and this mostly just fight scenes between villains and groups of villains. It’s fun, but it lacks the character development we saw in the first “Foes” series.

Of course, Otto gets his arms in the end–and Answer gets a body. And the two have a doublecross fight that closes out the book.

Complete with Answer busting through the wall like Kool Aid.

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