Marvel Comics Presents #54-61 (1990): Wolverine and Hulk

Marvel Comics Presents is basically becoming a second Wolverine vehicle, only the stories are 8-pages per issue and the rest of each issue is usually filled with mediocre crap that nobody wants to read.  And the Wolverine stories tend to team him up with other characters and aren’t good enough for his own solo book.

In this one, he fights Grey Hulk, then they kill a bear and eat it together, and get wrongly accused of murder together.  Then Wolverine gets drugged and Mimic shape-shifts to trick Hulk into thinking he’s Wolverine for a while.  Turns out, Mimic committed the murder—but he didn’t mean to so all is forgiven in the end.

There’s no reason for this story to exist–but the above Wolverine-vs-Hulk sequence is fun. Frankly, if they left it there and it was a single 8-pager, I’d probably rate it an A.

And speaking of pointless filler comics, issues #60-67 are a solo story about a character named Poison who first appeared in Web of Spider-Man Annual #4 and who never appears again.  The story also includes the obese crimelord Slug.

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