Fantastic Four #306-307 (1987): Ms. Marvel joins

It’s an “old school” cover, with multiple action scenes that try to show how jam-packed this issue is. While I do enjoy those kinds of covers, this issue isn’t really that dense.  It’s a good issue, though.  Mainly, after bringing Human Torch’s ex-girlfriend on to the team, Thing brings his ex-crush to the team as well: Sharon “Ms. Marvel” Ventura, from his wresting days in his solo comic.  This is all hilarious and awesome.  Johnny marries the girl Ben was dating for decades, so Ben gets revenge by stacking the team with hot chicks Johnny can’t have.  Brilliant.

Thing is now the leader, and here is how he asks his old crush/wrestling partner Sharon Ventura to join…


Sharon says no.  But at least she lets Ben touch her…

See, Sharon is a rape survivor, and can’t stand men to touch her.

By the end of the issue, though, she joins.

Franklin sums up the romance. 

Out of the mouths of babes.

And, of course, the comic must have action so Diablo shows up and gets foiled again.

Because, you know, he’s Diablo and he’s stupid.  It takes, really, less than one issue—much of #306 and 307 are full of character work.  Really solid character work, too.  What’s interesting about it is that we see Diablo fight the original team in #306 and then the new one in #307. And he loses both fights!  Like I said: He’s Diablo and he’s stupid.

Also: The Inhumans take wife-beater and cuckold Quicksilver home from his prison in the FF headquarters.  Quicksilver tries to get away, but Lockjaw puts a stop to that.

And finally, in the end, Sue and Reed leave with Franklin. We’re left with a team of Thing, Torch, Ms. Marvel and Crystal.

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