Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #15 and Captain America #419 (1993)

A two parter that starts in Silver Sable #15:

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack team up with Captain America to take down a bunch of fake Vipers. 

The duplicate Vipers are called Pit Vipers, which is a “kinda cool” ray of light in a dark and bad story..

It’s not even announced that the human tiger from issue #9 is now going by the name Man-Eater and a member of the Wild Pack.  We’re just supposed to figure it out, I guess.

At the end of the issue, the real Viper reveals herself and is arrested.

One of the better aspects of this book is that Sable’s non-powered soldiers get a decent amount of facetime and character development.  And in this issue, it’s through them that we learn Silver Sable posed for a naked centerfold.

Note: A centerfold was a three-page fold-out of a woman’s entire body, made famous in Playboy Magazine.

Note 2: A magazine was a printed, bound volume of content.  Like a comic, but on glossier paper and usually full of articles that were not necessarily related to each other.

Anyway, when Viper is caught, Sable reveals to Cap that she was hired by Red Skull to capture Viper.  The action then moves to Captain America #419, where he shames her for working for a Nazi.

Rightly so.

Viper ends up escaping, with the help of her own personal army, but not before Cap uses a big gun.

Welcome to the 1990s, Captain America.

Her private army has Slither in it.

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