X-FORCE #85 (1999)

This book is coming out twice a month now? I mean, it’s often good but it’s not THAT good.

Pandemonia–a Latverian witch –forces Locus and Skids to help her attack X-Force. This is the villain’s final appearance. Her initial attack fails, but the team seeks out mystical assistance from Jennifer Kale who helps them free Locus and Skids.

There’s a lot of personal stuff, too, like Cannonball not liking his new teammate Bedlam, Domino is still looking into the evil behind the Aguilar Institute that had held her captive, and Tabitha wondering about her old friend Skids (who has been missing for several issues). Good thing they get reunited in this issue!

Domino’s story will become the main one next issue.

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