IRON MAN #42-45 (2001)

This is awful. It starts being awful on the cover. No, Iron Man has not been hit with some kind of purple ooze–that’s his armor. He has pimp-colored armor.

But inside he makes it yellow. Then he makes it look like this:

Yes, Tony, you are the bomb indeed.

Tony Stark divested all of his financial holdings last issue. This issue he looks very, very much like Clark Kent (crossover!) and tries to be a normal guy who can rise on his merits.

Why do so many comics and similar media think that extraordinary people want to be ordinary. How many extraordinary people in real life want to be ordinary? None. Exactly none. The same number of ordinary people who want to be ordinary.

Iron Man fights a bunch of familiar characters when MODOK creates a legitimate tech company but doesn’t do legitimate things with it. There are guest stars. In the end, Tony reunites with Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts and decides to form a new Stark company–and try buy get his old one back.

And it just is awful the entire way through.

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