Crimson Dawn: Psylocke and Angel (1997)

After developments in monthly X-books, Psylocke’s body was changed (once again) by Crimson Dawn–an ancient cult (or something like that). Also in the X-books, Apocalypse gave Angel his feathery wings back.

In this miniseries, the two characters–who are romantically linked–fight off attacks from an opponent of the Crimson Dawn people who assumes that Psylocke is their ally. Meanwhile, due to the mystical infusion of their power, Psylocke herself is transforming. For example, her telepathy appears to be increasing in power to the point where it’s just kind of “on” all the time…

…She even invades Warren’s dreams.

The anti-Crimson Dawn folks try to turn her evil, but Warren’s pure love for her brings her back to the side of justice. For some unclear reason, this means Angel could die at at any time–because he gave up his life essence. Again, it makes little sense and isn’t very well explained.

Yes, it’s corny, and Larocca’s art is uneven (a kind of way of saying it looks rushed), but it’s not terrible.

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