Iron Man #223-224 (1987): 1st Blizzard 2

Tony gets a new “doo” and generally flirts and plays around with having unfathomable amounts of money.  Also, Justin Hammer keeps waging war on Stark International, and he hires a bunch of super-villains to do it.

“Say sayonara to your butt!”

It’s the first appearance of Blizzard II. He’s insecure. At one point, the new Blizzard threatens to turn someone’s eyes into ice cubes. Classic supervillainry.

And some good fights.


Scott “Ant-Man” Lang has apparently been taking massive amounts of steroids.  Everyone in 1990s Marvel was a body builder, if you rely on Marvel comics as the gauge.  I mean, that build isn’t remotely appropriate for a tech geek who occasionally shrinks.

On the letters page…

…Editor Mark Gruenwald gives a shout out to Denny O’Neil, acknowledging his move to DC and specifically noting the writer’s excellent work on The Question.






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