MAGNETO REX #1-3 and X-MEN UNLIMITED #24 (1999)

Magneto becomes king of Genosha and a rebel called Zealot opposes him. (Zealot will be revealed as Phillip Moreau’s

On his governing council are Phillip Moreau, Jenny Ransome, Pipeline, Fabian Cortez…All the 1990s characters you hate to to hate.

Quicksilver goes to visit his dad but ends up captured by Zealot. It’s not clear why Zealot binds him to a cross.

Instead of rescuing him, Magneto publicly disowns him.

Rogue tries to talk him out of it, but he’s Magneto and…You can’t tell Magneto anything.

So, Rogue has to save Quicksilver herself, with Genoshan cabinet member Amelia Voght’s help.

Eventually, the big showdown happens. Magneto kills Zealot by encasing him in steel and throwing him out into outer space.

Magneto takes the throne and exiles all humans from Genosha.

He and Quicksilver (kinda) reconcile, and Quicksilver becomes part of Magneto’s governing cabinet.

Lots of political wrangling here, which isn’t the most exciting thing to read, but overall this is a pretty important miniseries and it does a good job with the characterizations of a lot of people we’ve seen in and out of X-books for years but have never really been able to see up close.

X-Men Unlimited, the brand X anthology series, offered a completely inessential coda to this series by Ben Raab and Al Rio.

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