The main story for this album was about Atlantis Attacks, which is covered here, but there was also a Moon Knight story–which actually got featured on the cover.

It’s good to see that panel in context because this may be the first time I’ve ever seen two Marvel heroes meet for the first time and not fight. They just shake hands.

The content of the adventure doesn’t really matter. It’s just a fun read.

They take down criminals and compare tech.

They do end up fighting each other eventually when the villain their with manages to mind-control Punisher. Pun gets bit by some amphibian-men.

Moon Knight displays a previously unknown power set: Counter hypnosis.

They part as friends.

Also, a dude eats a gerbil.


For the other back-up, Punisher actually gives us some self-defense lessons.

It’s reprints of techniques from his past issues…

Fun to read.

This is a really good annual, if you take out the Atlantis Attacks part.

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