Kickers, Inc. #1-12 (New Universe) (1986-1987)

To reiterate what I’ve said on other New Universe posts: The NU comics are part of the 616 Marvel Universe because they sprang to life when Beyonder died in Secret Wars II #9, and a few of the characters or concepts have actually crossed over into the 616 Universe.  But my site is about the 616—not all the alternate and What If? universes out there.  In recognition of this conflict, I’m writing about each of the books in single posts for each title.

Kickers, Inc. is the last one I need to write about, and it’s one of the most painful.


It’s about a sports team who get powers from the White Event and form a mercenary group called “Kickers Inc.”  Now, they were not a soccer team.  They played American Football, which has very little to do with feet touching a ball.  Or kicking.  But don’t hate on the title too much, because creator Tom DeFalco originallly wanted to title the book, “Mr. Magnificent and his Team Supreme.”

This book was just bad.  Really, really bad.


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