Web of Spider-Man #91-92 (1992)

Apparently, Killer Shrike is now crazy.  

He’s hiding out in New York City, and when he sees Spider-Man swinging by on his way home, Shrike assumes the webhead is after him.  Spidey takes him out fairly easily.

This is just an aside.  Then, it’s two new villains: Whisper and Pulse.  We’ll never see them again. But they’re not even really the main story.  

The honor for that goes to Betty Brant, who is trying to track down Foreigner for killing Ned “Hobgoblin” Leeds and turning Betty into a widow.

It’s annoying that a receptionist can become a super-assassin over night.

Anyway, it’s more new villains we’ll never see again, Swift and Warfare, who work for Foreigner, and then Foreigner tells Betty that Ned was the Hobgoblin (she didn’t know) and that’s why he died, and for some reason that seems to resolve Betty’s thirst for vengeance.

No, it doesn’t make sense. It’s leading into the next arc, though, which brings Hobgoblin back.

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