New Mutants #5-6 (2003)

With these issues we get a new artist and our first story that spans more than a single issue. 

Apparently, while Professor X and Danielle Moonstar have been recruiting new mutants, Donald Pierce (formerly of the Hellfire Club) has been recruiting new Reavers.   One of his recruits is Josh Foley, who will become known as Elixir, and after Donald Pierce cuts him, we see him instantly heal.

Pierce wants to renew his war against the X-Men, and his plan is to attack their non-mutant family members.  Obviously, he doesn’t know that Foley is a mutant.

Pierce attacks Dani Moonstar while she is on a recruiting mission, and impales Laurie Collins.  Foley decides he wants no part of murder, and uses his new powers to heal her.  Thus, he becomes part of the new team.

Several of the new characters accompany Dani on the mission, and we get to see them out in the field for the first time, fighting off Reavers.

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