X-TREME X-MEN #9-19 and ANNUAL 2001 (2002)

I’m wondering if anyone reading this kept up with the series in real time…Or even enjoys it as a trade read now?

More of the dozens of interlocking plots: Shadow King is back. Kitty is in college. The team finds more pages from Destiny’s diaries that predict bad futures. Gambit is doing stuff with Red Lotus to foil Sebastian Shaw’s atempt to become Kingpin of Australia(!). The red gem that has been part of Storm’s costume since the character was created is part of a Madripoor collection so bad guys you’ve never heard of want to use it in a ritual on behalf of Viper, who now rules Madripoor, and it involves a human sacrifice of Gambit.

Sadly, the sacrifice is not successful.

Also aliens invade and their leader loves Storm.

The aliens are stupid, but at least they kill Gambit. They also appear to kill Rogue. Here they are, dead together:

But of course they’re not dead. And what follows is a full-scale invasion. Blah blah blah.

All of this is stemming from Vargas’ evil doings. Who is Vargaas? It really doesn’t matter. My head hurts enough already. By the end of these issues, the threat of Vargas is seemingly eliminated (but he’s not really dead, either), so the team can pose happy on the cover of issue #19.

At the end of issue #19, Bishop suggests that, with Vargas “dead,” there is no need for the X-Treme team anymore. Sadly, though, this series is not over.

I can’t believe there are 30 more issues of this book that I have to read.

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