Cage #15-16, Silver Sable #13-14, Terror Inc. #11-12 (1993): For Love Nor Money

In 1993, Marvel was big on mercenaries, and this book brings together its “horror merc” (Terror), the first hero for hire (Luke Cage), and the only mercenary broker to have her own book (Silver Sable).  Given the through line between all three comics, this is the somewhat rare example of a 1990s crossover that’s actually logical and organic.  It’s also not one designed to sell more books–or at least not more issues of Terror, because that comic will be cancelled almost immediately hereafter.  And Cage won’t go more than 5 issues past this.

It starts in the pages of Terror’s book, where the character is hired by a monk to find an amulet that led to the fall of Adam and Eve.  Competing with him is a demon named Priapus.  He’s basically a sex demon.

Simultaneously, Cage and Silver Sable are also hired to find the relic.

With all three characters in competition, the “heroes fight” sequences have a rational basis–not just the typical fights that happen before the characters agree to talk it out.  Also, the amulet is broken into three pieces, so all three books can feature a different piece.

Lots of fighting occurs until they team up against Priapus.  Who literally defeats Sable and Cage by making them come in their pants.

They’re not explicit about it, but when read in context, Priapus’ powers appear to include orgasm touch.

Most people when they play the “what if I had powers” game choose between things like invisibility or flight.  This one would give them all a run for their money.

Sable eventually turns the tables on the demon, using  her rockin’ bod to seduce him.

Is any of this great comics?  No.  But as these things go, it’s pretty good.  And you can’t disagree that’s unlike any precedent Marvel mini-event.

Cage: Marc McLaurin and Scott Benefiel
Silver Sable: Gregory Wright and Steven Butler
Terror: D.G. Chichester and Richard Pace (#11) and Kirk Van Worme (#12)

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