The theme of the 1993 annuals was for the creators to make up a new character. Of those launched in 1993 annuals, nearly all would never be seen again. What makes Hitmaker, the creation in the Wonder Man Annual different is…Um…His costume is pretty similar to the title character’s costume?

Three stories. #1: 1st (and last) appearance of Hitmaker. Beast guest stars, and their bromance glows.

#2: Dan Slott gets a turn to play with Wonder Man. Oh wait. No, he doesn’t. He plays with Splice, the mercenary who has appeared in several issues of the series and who, in this story, takes out some nerds who are selling clips of his exploits as a snuff film. This is pretty typical, funny Slott work. I liked it quite a bit. Wonder Man doesn’t even appear.

#3: It! The Living Colossus gets a quick tale and Wonder Man is called to help while he is doing stunt work for McCaulay Culkin.

It! turns out to be a robot.

Main story aside, which is harmless but also not as good as the main series Wonder Man stories, I really liked the two back-up tales in this annual. Lots of fun, which is what the Wonder Man solo book seems to aspire to each issue.

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