NEW WARRIORS #52-53 (1994): Fabian Nicieza run ends

Former Genetech guineau pigs and bad guys Psionex (+ Asylum) are now learning how to be heroes. This issue starts with them stopping some kids with guns. Only the guns are fakes and Asylum kills one of the kids–by accident. The kid is so scared he has a heart attack.

The Psionex team themselves up and are released into the New Warriors’ custody.

After giving himself up, Mathematic apparently has the power to mess with time, and his guilt over the kid’s death triggers an unconscious manifestation where it is the same day, over and over. The Daily Bugle headlines from that same day make reference to Tom DeFalco’s departure as editor-in-chief.

These two issues are chaotic and it’s because Fabian Nicieza, creator of this team and series, suddenly leaves. He did a really good job on this book, and will be missed.

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