Marvel Comics Presents #19-20: Dr. Strange and Clea (1989)

Mark Badger arrives for a two-part Dr. Strange story, which is followed in issue #20 with a Clea solo story (her first, I believe).  

Obviously, Badger gives us great art.  And the story is pretty wild—it has demon bees.

I can start to see how Fabian Nicieza will turn into a Deadpool writer (and one of the best at that).

The story is a haunted house story, with the child of the house being possesed in wild and wacky ways.

It’s odd to give Strange a story in MCP since he has his own solo book, but it’s well done so I appreciate it.

And speaking of the monthly Dr. Strange book, series writer Peter Gillis does a short Clea tale checking in with her role as the head of the Dark Dimension.  I don’t really understand why this is appearing here and not in the Strange title, but it’s pretty good.

Dr. Strange: Fabian Nicieza and Mark Badger.  Grade: C+
Clea: Peter Gillis and Ron Lim.  Grade: C

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