STRANGE TALES #128 (1965): 1st Demonicus

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver make the unfortunate mistake of joining the first half of this comic. And it’s actually a pretty important moment for them.

They’re disillusioned by Magneto’s plans for global conquest and want someone to advise them on being good guys. So, they go to see the Fantastic Four.

Of course, when they get to the Baxter Building, Torch and Thing attack and knock out Wanda.

Any remorse or empathy for humans that Quicksilver might have felt evaporates.

Honestly, he’s right. They are clods. They should know better than to punch first and talk later.

The fight ends in a stalemate. That panel in the upper right, where Quicksilver is smiling, is just one of the ways that the “Marvel method” didn’t always work out. If you look at the four panels above and ignore the text, it looks like the rain blows in, puts out Johnny’s flame, and gives the foursome a chance to talk. It looks like Wanda and Pietro walk away but aren’t necessarily mad about it, and like Johnny and Ben have seen the error of their ways.

But Stan’s dialog shows Quicksilver concluding that Magneto was right, all humans are bad, and Ben and Johnny still thinking they’d been attacked by the mutants.



In the other half of the comic, Dr. Strange vanquishes Demonicus for the first time.

It’s a pretty standard Strange tale. Nothing bad, nothing very notable.

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