Marc Spector: Moon Knight #10 (1990)

This issue starts with a Christmas attempted suicide.

It doesn’t bear relevance to the main story. Not sure why Chuck did this, other than that depictions of suicide are “mature” and he’s trying to make a dark, early ’90s comic about a character based on Batman. Or to let Sal Velluto draw that really cool panel (above) of Moon Knight catching her before she dies.

Chuck Dixon’s Moon Knight isn’t a bad comic per se, it’s just a bad Moon Knight comic.  It disregards (actually completely blows up) all the careful character work that Doug Moench did with the character over the course of years and turns him into a generic hero.

He also has Moon Knight saving people from a fire.

Moon Knight is becoming a traditional street hero, which doesn’t make use of the complex psychological history and mythology around him.

So this issue, by focusing on the villains, is better than most other issues of this series.

We get a new Ringer. I like Ringer, even though he’s silly.

He’s teamed up with Killer Shrike.

And also Coachwhip.

As a trio, these D-Listers prove good enough to blow up Moon Knight’s copter, with Frenchie still in it.

Individually, they get face-kicked.

Frenchie is rushed to the hospital. All three villains are taken down, but the question of Frenchie’s survival continues to next issue, #11.

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