An anthology book released in February to help launch the books that weren’t relaunched as part of Heroes Reborn, by the creative teams of the various titles.

Ka-Zar gets five pages.

Apparently, Howard Stern syndicated into the Savage Land.

The Fantastic Four are missing, but those left behind–Lyja, Franklin, Scott Lang, etc., try to stop the government from taking all the team’s stuff. Rhodey tries to protect Tony Stark’s secret, believing him to still be alive. Doctor Doom defends his homeland. The Thunderbolts take care of a fire and establish their reputations.

And the only matter of significance…

…Doctor Strange realizes that earth’s mightiest heroes are still alive. Strange doesn’t have his own comic now, so this “check in” matters because it’s the only place we can see him–but also this realization will ultimately be what brings the heroes back to the 616.

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