TERROR INC. #6-7 (1992-1993): Punisher

This is a fun couple of issues.  Terror is hired to assassinate a former Harlem crimelord who has retired to Connecticut. 

Punisher also wants to kill the crimelord.  Terror has to stop Pun or else he will forfeit the contract, but he also doesn’t want to kill Punisher because he doesn’t kill people for free.

I like that we’re in a comic that uses narration–the same way most Punisher comics did at the time–but this narration is about Punisher rather than by him. And I love that Terror says that Punisher’s “justice fantasies are his own perversion…”

When he wanted to, DG Chichester could write really good points of view.

Terror in these issues is developed as a truly heartless assassin who doesn’t care if innocents are hurt in his pursuit of the almighty dollar. He also doesn’t care if he himself gets hurt…

In all, a much better story than I expected!

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