Sensational She-Hulk: Ceremony (1989)

Dwayne McDuffie wanted to do a She-Hulk series, so he created a two-issue story. Marvel like it, but they like John Byrne more, so they gave Byrne the series and published McDuffie’s story, with art by June Brigman.

The story has her saving an abortion clinic from a bomber and shaving her legs–breaking the razor (which is pretty much a Superman story copy).

John Byrne apparently objected to McDuffie’s portrayal and quit She-Hulk because of it. But he himself paid tribute to that classic Superman cover years later in his work for DC.

Other people did too. It’s a classic cover.

Oh, and Damage Control, McDuffie’s other series, makes an appearance.

It’s also full of super-weird mystical Native American stuff. So both creators had a vision for an off-beat She-Hulk series.

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