WOLVERINE #4-8 (1989): 1st Roughouse, Bloodscream; Fixit meets Patch

The tale starts with the murder of a Prime Minister by two new villains: Roughouse and Bloodsport. Roughouse is a really big strong guy, and Bloodsport (who is also called Bloodscream a few times in this story) has some weird kind of vampire power where he touches people’s hearts and has some kind of influence over them.

Obviously, he’s not a vampire because Dr. Strange killed them all–but the Marvel Wiki says he’s a vamp.

We then see Logan, still going by the name “Patch,” working with the police to investigate. Within the first fifteen pages the plot thickens: Karma’s father, General Nguyen Coy, appears to be responsible for ordering the murder because he is trying to take over Madripoor.

The two mercs work for him.

Wolverine tells Karma she has to pick a side.  And of course she eventually does.

Then we see Lindsey McCabe and Jessica Drew, working as private eyes in Madripoor, and also looking into the crime.

Roughouse manhandles them.

I thought Jessica was still stripped of her Spider-Woman powers and persona, but at one point she is capable of sticking to walls so I guess somehow she got at least that ability restored.

Lindsey’s a little jealous that Jessica has powers.

I have to admit I didn’t completely follow all the threads, but the main event is that Mr. Fixit is also hired to support General Coy.

So Hulk (Fixit) and Wolverine (Patch)–both going under different names–have a slight rematch.

After their fight, Fixit teams up with Wolverine.

Logan immediately recognizes Fixit as Hulk, and plays a practical joke on him.

He then turns on Coy and foils his plans, then leaves Madripoor.

This is the first time someone other than Peter David wrote the Mr. Fixit character.

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