Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993): 1st Genis-Vell

Here’s the odd thing about the 1993 slate of annuals.  They’re not tied together, like in prior years, but almost all of them introduce a brand-new character—usually a villain—who is never seen again.  So, like most annuals, the 1993 ones are largely forgettable and irrelevant. But not this one.

Silver Surfer Annual #6 introduces the son of the original Mar-Vell, who goes by Genis-vell.  He’ll become yet another Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe, but he starts under the name “Legacy.”

His origin story in this annual is pretty interesting. 

He starts out thinking he’s the son of Starfox, goes on a quest to find his daddy in space, gets some Nega Bands (I didn’t realize there were more than one set of bands in the universe), and eventually teams up with Silver Surfer when Ronan the Accuser tries to hold him accountable (i.e., kill him) for what Mar-Vell did to the Kree over 15 years ago (in real time—back in Marvel’s 1970s comics).

By the end, he’s taken the Captain Marvel name.

Wait. No he hasn’t. He’s Legacy.

There are two back-up stories, also written by Ron Marz. One has Terrax traveling through space looking for his axe.

Apparently, trenchcoat disguises are an interstellar thing.

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