GREEN GOBLIN #10-11 (1996)

Arcade plays with Green Goblin, after being hired by Gaunt to kill the new Goblin. Gaunt, in turn, was hired to recover Goblin’s equipment by an unnamed employer. Green Goblin winds up in Arcade’s death trap somewhat voluntarily, tracking him down after learning that he wants to kill him.

After some fun inside Murderworld, Goblin escapes.

We can’t help but wonder if Liz Osborn hired Gaunt.

The twist is that Arcade captured Green Goblin by putting an ad out in the Daily Bugle. At the end of the issue, since Goblin essentially captured himself, Arcade lets Phil Urich have the money.

In issue #11, flush with $10,000 cash, Urich gets the guts to ask out a girl at the Bugle he’s been pining for since issue #1. The twist there is that she likes him as Goblin.

He also has another minor fight with another boring villain created solely for this series.

Josh Hood replaces Scott McDaniel as artist in issue #11 and I couldn’t be happier.

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