WARLOCK AND INFINITY WATCH #14 (1993): 1st Count Abyss

This picks up right after Infinity War, which left Warlock in a coma.  His team is on Earth, hiding out on Monster Island. There are some really funny scenes with the team honing their skills and bickering. This page sums it up:

And Pip can teleport.

Since they’re around, Mole Man asks for the team’s help in stopping an international coalition of troops from taking over Monster Island. So, Gamora goes to the negotiate with the soldiers.  Which means, of course, she hits them.  A lot.  And sinks their tanks.

Her skills lead the others to put her in charge while they wait for Adam Warlock to wake up. 

Nice to have a solid Gamora solo story.

Also in this issue, we meet Count Abyss. He’ll be trying to get himself some stones.

These issues, which have been telling smaller stories and helping us get to know the Watch members, have been fun. But it looks like it is ending: At the end of this issue, Eternity shows up and orders Adam to awaken. His eyes start to move.

That’s the cliffhanger.

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