The epilogue to the Galactic Storm event.  There’s some epilogue/recap work with the Avengers teams, and then some set up for the ongoing “Diamondback is missing” storyline in which Crossbones wears a trenchcoat disguise and calls her Diamondbutt…

It’s an “introspective” issue.

Cap is worrying that he’s falling out of fashion against the backdrop of the ’90s in-crowd of Cable, Wolverine, Punisher, etc. 

He gets depressed. The other Avengers are worried.

Clint tries to cheer him up.

D-Man stops by, which seems to make him a little happier.

When all else fails, alcohol!

They to a bar where lots of 1950s characters are playing pool and drinking.

Including the original Avengers (i.e., the British TV duo, top left) is an especially nice touch.

It all leaves him feeling more optimistic…

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