CAPTAIN AMERICA #133: The Secret Origin of MODOK (1971)

And so begins a story about my absolute favorite Marvel character!  First of all, check out MODOK’s long hair!

The evil chairborn misfit sends a robot into Harlem to get Captain America to come and fight, but he ends up bringing Harlem’s protector, Falcon.  Cap rushes to the scene as well.

Fires start and Captain America says this…

Is he implying that Harlem should burn? I find those words baffling.

They all fight, and in the end Cap and Falcon team up.

It’s billed as a “secret origin” story, but it doesn’t add much more than what we already knew…

Basically, he was an AIM agent placed in an “alteration chamber.”  Not much to it.

The issue ends with “a new team is born” because next issue the title changes to “Captain America and the Falcon.”

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