AVENGERS #201-202 (1980)

inside the helmet

I think this was one of the first “inside the armor” shots of Iron Man.  At least, it was the first one in The Avengers. 

Issue #201 is about 2/3 of an issue (with a Jarvis back-up, see below), with plot elements that move into issue #202. A strange looking robot appears to kill Wasp in #201, and then in #202 the ultimate robot returns.


There’s a bunch of decent character stuff in the beginning, notwithstanding the continued sexist approach to Wasp as a woman who cares only about her looks and who flirts with everyone. 

Ultron looks like he’s gonna win, until Thor returns.

In the end, Ultron is encased in molten metal–much like the end to Terminator 2.

Jocasta has her brain “fried” during the battle–making it appear that she is no longer active.

Avengers #201 also featured a Jarvis backup feature, with Roger Stern getting “Historian” credit, that was serviceable but not groundbreaking.  I think Marvel was trying to turn Jarvis into a bigger character, like Batman’s Alfred, but they never really gave Jarvis all that much to do.  He’d have a few panels here or there, but never with enough regularity or consistency that he really mattered as a character.

Also, Assembly Woman Carol Bellamy writes in.

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