AVENGERS #201-202 (1980)

inside the helmet

I think this was one of the first “inside the armor” shots of Iron Man.  At least, it was the first one in The Avengers. 

Issue #201 is about 2/3 of an issue (with a Jarvis back-up, see below), with plot elements that move into issue #202, and lots of character work. It starts with them taking out the trash.

And also, Vision and Scarlet Witch seeming to answer a knock on the door right when they were about to get frisky.

I mean, it’s all moody and romanic and then the teasing is over and then it is “moments later.” So, what do you think happened in those moments.

A strange looking robot attacks Wasp, as she’s heading off for some R and R.

George Perez’s art is amazing.

The robot seems to kill Wasp in #201, and then in #202 the ultimate robot returns.


He’s up to his usual antics.

Ultron looks like he’s gonna win, until Thor returns.

In the end, Ultron is encased in molten metal–much like the end to Terminator 2.

Jocasta has her brain “fried” during the battle–making it appear that she is no longer active.

There’s a bunch of decent character stuff in the beginning, notwithstanding the continued sexist approach to Wasp as a woman who cares only about her looks and who flirts with everyone. 

Wonder Man is back to acting.

I’m saying that that’s Harpo Marx, above, and tagging this as a celebrity appearance.

Also, Hawkeye forces a mano-a-mano conversation with Cap.

As a result, they bond.

Nice to see them getting along instead of constantly bickering like Jeff and Brita.

Avengers #201 also featured a Jarvis backup feature, with Roger Stern getting “Historian” credit, that was serviceable but not groundbreaking.  I think Marvel was trying to turn Jarvis into a bigger character, like Batman’s Alfred, but they never really gave Jarvis all that much to do.  He’d have a few panels here or there, but never with enough regularity or consistency that he really mattered as a character.

But it turns out, he can fight.

Also, Assembly Woman Carol Bellamy writes in.

3 thoughts on “AVENGERS #201-202 (1980)”

  1. The “romantic” scene between the Vision and the Scarlet Witch can bear a little scrutiny. The Vision does not get “romantic”. The Vision is a synthetic being who, while enjoying programmed emotions, ( from Wonder Man’s brain engrams, as we all know, like ‘Star Trek’s Mr. Data’s emotion-chip, from “Star Trek: Generations” ) but insofaras physical intimacy……..not so much. They might do something “weird” to simulate sexual intimacy, but John Byrne himself laid that debate to rest once and for all in 1988, in ‘West Coast Avengers’ #42, when he CLEARLY established that the Vision has NO GENITALIA!!! So- whatever it is/was that they were doing clearly bears further examination, but it was not sexual intercourse as we understand it. It involved something, because here’s Wanda redressing herself following the act. I’d give a nice nickel to know what it was. In the same panel, Mr. Vision is awfully quick to grant entrance to the person knocking at the door, even though his wife is A) Only half-dressed, and B) Up on the bed in a position of servility/submission. Perhaps the android is enjoying the programmed emotion of pride, and wants to whip open the door and demonstrate his studliness to the knocker at the door-?? Like Murphy used to say, “Things that make you go ‘Hmmmmmmm’………”

  2. Afterthought: There are plenty of beautiful women in this world who are consumed with their hair/how pretty they are, etc., so why can’t the Wasp be one OF them?? Janet Van Dyne was born into this world possessing not just ONE, but BOTH of the two major breaks that a woman MUST have in order to MAKE it in this world: Wealth and B-E-A-U-T-Y!!!! Accept no substitutes, because our world damn sure doesn’t!!!! WORD!!!! Word UP!!!! Jan has BOTH, she’s PROUD of that little fact, and she’s ENTITLED to be!!! Jan’s vanity and occasional vacuousness are what makes her a ‘Marvel’ character- noble, but flawed. Personally, I find her personality to be endearing- she is not too uptight, like Ms. Marvel, or Storm, or Ms. Marvel. ( did I mention Ms. Marvel-??? ) Jan enjoys her life of entitlement, and privilege, as she should. Jan is not a “Claremont-Chick”, meaning, she understands the purpose-and necessity-of men. And on that un-liberated note, I will take my bow for now. Peace out!!


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