Uncanny X-Men #417-420 (2003): Dominant Species; 1st Max Lobo and Angel’s healing factor

Apparently, Warren Worthington’s company owns something called “Lobo Tech,” and everyone is surprised that it manufactures werewolves.  Worthington’s company seems to have nothing but problems.

The company is run by a dude named Maximus Lobo.

At the end of the story, we find out that Lobo killed Warren’s daddy in order to set up Lobo Tech as a corrupt company under the Worthington Industries umbrella. 

Lobo employs a whole gang of mutant werewolves that are tough enough to beat up Wolverine.

But not Juggernaut.

Before Juggy arrives and saves the day, we see Angel get clawed to bits and learn that he now has a healing factor, which is why his skin isn’t blue anymore.

He slices himself with a boxcutter to make sure, which is a very “Manga” thing to do—convenient, now that Kia Asamiya is drawing this book.

Then Angel uses his blood to heal Husk’s wounds.

The werewolves were trying to bring about some kind of mutant uprising.  It’s dumb.

Meanwhile, Polaris finds out about Havok being in a coma and goes to visit.  She meets his hot nurse who crushes on him and her telepathic son.  Lorna is still kinda nuts so there are fights.  And the kid, Carter Ghazikhanian, turns out to be a pretty powerful telepath—such that Professor X gets involved with him.

Also, Nightcrawler is still hand-wringing with members of the clergy about how much he doesn’t like violence and Angel bangs Husk…

…Who has to be half his age.

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