JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 1 #146-150: Exit, Steve Englehart

IMG_0222The return of Red Tornado, but look how masterfully Steve Englehart works in prior continuity in these three panels, as Superman tries to ascertain whether it’s the real RT or an imposter by asking him questions only the real one would know. Englehart was working so hard to get DC to be like Marvel. And then, just as he gets started, we get a lackluster JLA/JSA team-up in issues #147 and 148 written by Marty Pasko and Paul Levitz. Yeah, it had the Legion of Superheroes in it, but it was boring.

And then, in #149 and 150 , Englehart returns and writes the best Snapper Carr story ever—a fantastic story with not one but THREE unmaskings!  Snapper Carr shows up as Star Tsar, a dude with powers who gets beaten by the JLA and is revealed as their former colleague just before the big issue #150, in which Batman takes on what he thinks is the real bad guy only to have this wonderful, Wizard of Oz-like scene…


Yes, a midget in a supersuit!  I think they should do a Marvel/DC crossover of Rick Jones and Snapper Carr.  Things never go too well for teens who hang with superpeople.

But it doesn’t stop there!  In the end, a very lame add-on hero called “Privateer” is shown to be the true bad guy, and in the end all is complete.

I thought Steve Englehart was doing a great job, but…


Damn.  That went by quick.

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