Grudge match.

Absorbing Man finds out that Titania is committing petty theft while on patrol, and he’s mad about it. She says that she’s stuck in the past and can’t get over being beaten up by She-Hulk.

Meanwhile, Thunderstrike is at Avengers Mansion having Henry Pym test Stellaris’ abilities. Absorbing Man, in an effort to help Titania overcome her compulsive criminality, asks Thunderstrike to set up a grudge match between Titania and She-Hulk.

She’s not initially supportive. But then agrees.

But then Stellaris shows up and of course it all goes awry. The fight ends when Absorbing Man tries to absorb Stellaris’ armor and finds that the alien tech is not absorbable.

LOTS of fun. I’m affected by the fact that Absorbing Man is my second-favorite Marvel villain (after MODOK), but I’m going to say this is the best issue of this series thus far–by a longshot.

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